What To Do When Your Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted

Facebook Ad account is a blessing in disguise for business owners, bloggers and online sellers to promote and boost their businesses. But, sometimes, Facebook restricts Ad accounts which cause a whirlwind of questions among the account holders as to what went wrong. This is a significant shock issue, especially for small businesses who have worked hard and put their hard-earned money into Facebook ads. To help you better understand the problem and solve it, we will answer your questions.

Various reasons have caused Facebook to stop you from advertising. Every situation is different, and so is its solution. We have also put out a little section for tips for you to avoid getting your Facebook Ad account restricted in the future. The main reason for the Ad account restriction is to apply so many Facebook Ad Credit Codes to get a free boosting balance.

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How to know if my Facebook Ad account is restricted?

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted

Typically, you will know it quickly as once the account is restricted, it denies you from sharing or liking a post. You may have trouble adding Freund’s or responding to messages. Your customers might find it challenging to reach your page and comment on it. Other than that, Facebook sends a warning beforehand restricting the account.

Why did my Facebook Ad account get restricted?

Your Facebook Ad account can get restricted for several reasons, mainly for not following the rules set by the Facebook team. Facebook is very strict about its rules to make the space comfortable and affluent. If your account is restricted, you need to recheck your recent activity and actions to pinpoint the rule you somehow defied.

Reasons Facebook restricts an Ad Account

  • When a user creates several Ad accounts after it has received restriction warnings.
  • Promoting content that is hateful and offensive to a particular community.
  • Too many violations lined up on the page.
  • Not addressing the verification and setup process.
  • Content showing nudity, sexual matter, and explicit content that is too bold and sexually suggestive.
  • Showing products utterly different from its marketing.
  • The business site mentioned being fake, non-functional, or under development.
  • Usage of bold and offensive slogans with lousy grammar and punctuation.

How to Unrestrict my Facebook Ad account?

After you have realized that your Facebook Ad Account is restricted, it’s time to do damage control. For instance, go to the Ads Manager option and apply for an appeal. This should get you your account back, but for some reason, it doesn’t, then; try some additional options like contact Facebook support. You can access help support by clicking on the Help icon in the top right corner of the Ads Manager page. After completing all these steps, please keep your fingers crossed as now it’s up to Facebook to decide whether you will be getting back your account.

If you didn’t get your account back for some reason, you can always create a new one with different details.

Things to not do are to get your Ad Account Restricted

While we have mentioned the reasons that have gotten your account disabled, this is to keep in mind not to repeat those actions.

  • Create an authentic Ad account, verify it, and complete its setup procedures.
  • Follow Facebook rules and respect its community guidelines.
  • Don’t post sensual, bold, and suggestive statements, slogans, or posts that might offend somebody.
  • The business site linked with the account should work properly and have easy access.
  • Take Facebook’s warnings seriously.


Facebook uses the algorithm to track inauthentic pages that violate the community guidelines like other search engines. While other pages under Facebook’s radar might have broken some rules, you can request an appeal if you think you have not done anything wrong. You can try to get your account enabled by following the steps mentioned above.

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