Get the latest working Facebook Ad Coupon codes 2020 for free that is worth $200 advertising credit. You will get the new Facebook ad credit coupon codes and special links to get free Facebook ad coupons.

Facebook is the biggest social media network with billions of users. This is the best platform to advertise your product or business. You can target your desired audience by selecting people’s interests and hobbies. There is a big potential to grow your business with Facebook advertising.

Everyone knows Facebook advertising is the cheapest way to promote business nowadays. That’s why new and small business owners are looking for some free coupons for Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising offers the cheapest way to get more engagement and traffic to your website. You can pay only a few cents per click on your product landing page view and sell your product with a big profit. There are different types of advertising like traffic, engagement, video views, and more. You can test one by one and find the best suitable ad for your business.


  • Facebook is the biggest traffic source on the web, even page views are more than google.
  • Extremely targetted because Facebook knows about the user’s interests and behavior.
  • The average CPC (cost per click) is very low as compare to other adverting platforms.
  • Facebook Ad Manager is very easy to use with a simple user interface.
  • You can create an ad unit and track performance easily.
  • Facebook advertising is the fastest-growing network.

facebook ad


Here you can find the list of latest and active Facebook Ad Coupon codes that work in 2020. All of the below coupons are free to use for everyone. Maybe some of them already use many times, so keep trying another to get a free coupon.

  • 36KT-32T1-F16K-5N9N
  • 61GT-27Q1-H56V-0M9Y
  • 71CV-9R62-VX6K-85V4
  • 1WR3-80VA-41KA-62FB
  • 21CV-9W62-VQ6K-18VF


  1. Go to the Payment Settings 
  2. Click on the Add Payment Method button
  3. Select Facebook Ad Coupon and click continue
  4. Now just copy and paste above Facebook Ad Coupon Code
  5. Click Apply, Done! Try all the codes one by one until you succeed.


If you tried all the coupon codes available on the internet and none of them are working for you then don’t worry you can still get free Facebook ad credit by following the below ways.

1. Buy Hosting To Get Free Ad Credit

Every business owner needs a landing page or website to promote their services or products. So it’s a good offer for you from the iPage you will get the free marketing credit and free domain. Without having a website you cannot run Facebook ads, so don’t wait to get this best offer.

ipage offer



According to our experience iPage is Recommended Hosting for small business owners. All the small business owners are using this hosting because it’s a very cheap and best quality hosting company.

When you click on the above link to get the offer, you will land to the iPage hosting page there you can select your desired plan. All the hosting plans are offering $200 free ad credit to promote your website.

Note: Currently hosting providers only offering Google and Bing ad credits to boost your website in the top of the search results.

2. Create A Business Page

This is the best and the easiest way to free FB ad coupon code. If you still don’t have any business page then first of all create your business page and keep posting for some days. Create content for more engagement. Most of the time Facebook offers a free coupon to the new business page.

create a business page for free coupon

Just wait a few days and keep sharing posts to get engagement. You can share your blog posts or product photos to get user engagement. After some time Facebook will offer you free credit for free advertising. You can use this credit to make your first ad.

3. Create New Ad To Get Free Coupon

This is the new way to get free Facebook ad Coupon. You can create a new ad with little budget approx $10 and get a reward of more $10 from Facebook.

Create New Ad To Get Free Coupon

It’s a winning deal for you just to spend some money and after some time get a free coupon.

4. Complete A Survey To Win Free Ad Coupon

Facebook wants to know people’s behavior, So they conduct a user’s survey. Some time may you ask to complete a Facebook survey. You just need to participate or join the survey, in the reward, you will get a free FB ad coupon.

Complete A Survey To Win Free Ad Coupon

When you complete the survey, Facebook will offer you a free ad coupon that you can use for FB advertising.

5. Participate In Facebook Programs

This is like Facebook survey, Facebook held some online programs for marketers and developers. You can join those programs to learn and after completion, you can get coupons for Facebook advertising.

By participating in Facebook online programs you can win up to $500 ad credits for free but you need to learn skills to get Facebook ad credit.

6. Buy Facebook Ad Coupon

There are some third-party websites that are offering Facebook coupons buy you need to pay some money to get those coupons, it’s like you have to buy coupons from those websites.

But before buy any coupons first check that website reviews on the internet because so many fake websites are there.

7. Buy Coupons From Fiver

There are some fiver sellers that are providing Facebook Ad Coupons but make sure you will get the same service because some peoples offering other Facebook services like ad designing, You can make sure by reading the gig description or contact the seller.

To find this service you need to visit fiver.com and in the search type “Facebook Coupon“. Hopefully, you will find the seller on the fiver.

8. Join the Advertising Platform

There are some online advertising agencies that are offering free credit for Facebook. You just signup on those websites and as a bonus, you will get the free $100 credit. For example, Perfect Audience is offering Facebook retargeting service.

They will handle your Facebook advertising campaign and run ads for you. To try their service they are offering free $100 ad credit on signup.

9. Create A Half Facebook Ad

This is a bonus working trick for you and it works most of the time. You can go to your Facebook business page and try to boost your existing post, enter your audience details, and click on the boost button.

Don’t add a payment method just behave like you are trying to boost your post. Just wait some time on the ad, you may get a free Facebook coupon.

10. Facebook Ad Coupon Code Generator

You may be searching on the web like I was searching “Facebook ad coupon generator”. I visited many pages but did not find any legit site that is proving live ad coupons for Facebook.

I don’t think Facebook ad coupon code generators are exit in 2020, So my advice is to don’t waste your time on these websites.


Nowadays getting FB ad coupon codes is very hard to find, But you can still use paid advertising for your business on Facebook, It’s still cheaper than all other advertising platforms on the internet.

On Facebook, you will get so many ad types and targeting options to reach and convert your audience. But before promoting set up your business Facebook page and a landing page or a website for more conversations.

Facebook is a great way to advertise your business. I hope you find a way to get a free Facebook Ad Coupon code for you. If this post helps you get a free coupon then please share this post with friends.

I searched a lot on the internet to complete this post and try to explain all the possible ways to get a free facebook coupon but nowadays no one is offering free Facebook coupons So my advice you can go with free google ads and bing ad credit to promote your business. My recommendation is the iPage Hosting Offer that is 100% legit and quality hosting and you will get Free Domain + $200 Ad Credit.